Pray For Adult Children

Heavenly Father,

I bring to you my adult children, ____________ (name them). They have heard the Word of God, which I have taught them, and they believe in You. Now protect them by the power of Your name, Lord Jesus.

Don't let the evil one steal from them the truth they have received, but rather let integrity grow in them. Make them mighty men and women of God to Your honor and glory.

I pray my children will be delighted in You, Lord. May they commit to You everything they do, trusting You to direct their every step. Continue to fulfill Your will for them, in them and through them.

Give them keen discernment so they will not fall prey to Satan's tactics nor entertain his lies in their thoughts.

Lord, I pray they will always desire to please You instead of pleasing people.

Thank you for Your faithful care over my children.


This prayer comes from the book 'How to pray for your children' by Quin Sherrer.


Please let the Holy Spirit dwell within the parents of the children that will be the spouses of our children and grandchildren.  Give them keen discernment to raise their children to know and love you, so that our children and grandchildren be given the gift of wives and husbands who walk with you.



(you may download and print this pdf version of the above prayer)